Here's what customers have to say about Wheels In Motion!*

     “Wheels in Motion was referred to me from CycleFitChicks.  Once Jen (West) was coming to pick up one bike, I thought may as well have both bikes serviced. When she returned them they looked like they had been bought brand new.

     “Jen's service is comprehensive.  Bike shops have tiered pricing, long waits, and sometimes conflicting service information.  Wheels in Motion provides

the highest level of tune up ALL THE TIME.

     “Highly recommended - ethical, thorough, great follow up ....”

     “Jennifer offers a unique bike maintenance experience. It's really neat that she stops by your house to pick up your wheels. You can have a chat with her about your bike standing on your front lawn! I really appreciated getting tips specific to my bike and advice about the future upgrades I have planned. Thank you, Jennifer!”

     “We have used the company a number of times, always very satisfied and what a wealth of information on everything bike related and always a pleasure to chat with. I have already referred three other friends!”

     “I use my bike to commute to work. So I cannot afford having to spend a lot of time at the repair shop. Some stores don't understand that and once, I had to go ten days without my bicycle! Wheels in Motion does understand my needs for getting work done diligently. And not only that: I get my bike hand-delivered at my door for free!”

     “I found the service for both mountain and road bike excellent, especially the last tune-up of my older road bike had absolutely no ticks or clicks on a 700km tour this summer. I love the pick-up service .... Very competent and friendly service with great tips and deals.”

     “I highly recommend Wheels in Motion for honesty and for the pick up and delivery service. I used Jennifer's services when I thought I needed a major and expensive tune-up for my bike, but she charged me much less, and figured out what was only a minor issue. Also, the pick up and delivery service was great during a hectic period of time when I wasn't sure how/when I was going to get myself to and from a bike repair shop.”

     “I like Jen's pick-up and delivery service! It saves so much time and I get my bike back within the same week....And I hardly recognized it when I did get it - an awesome job at cleaning it!”

     “I have used Wheels in Motion for the first time at the beginning of the 2013 season. Both my girlfriend and I and, later in the season, her 10 year old son, had the Tune-Up performed. We originally ordered the Tune-Up Plus but, at Jennifer's recommendation, dropped to the lower tier cleaning. Jennifer West did a great job with the cleaning and adjustments and went well beyond what most (all other?) bike shops would do for the price. My bike has never felt better on the roads. The pick-up/drop-off service is incredibly convenient as well. I highly recommend Jennifer and Wheels in Motion for your spring Tune-Ups and other biking repair services!”

     “At a time when the concept of excellent customer service almost seems to be a past recollection, comes Jennifer West. Our experience with Wheels In Motion was nothing short of outstanding. We inherited an older Norco bicycle for our daughter and the derailleur was defective. Assuming we would incur costs not making it worth to repair we were hesitant in even considering a repair.

     “Jennifer came to our house and assessed the bicycle on the spot. She picked up the bicycle, repaired it in a very short period of time, brought it back to us and the price was more than reasonable.

     “From this point forward, I will only get our bicycle maintenance and repairs performed by Wheels in Motion and will only refer people I know to her.”

* Customer’s personal information has been removed to maintain their privacy